Maternity and Fresh 48 Shoot in Glen Ridge, New Jersey

      Kym and I have known each other for many years. She once babysat my three boys and I had the privilege to do a maternity and fresh 48 shoot with her in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

      Capturing her on the verge of motherhood with baby boy number two was such a special experience. She is such a fun, lovely, spirited, strong person and her joy is contagious.

      A photographer herself, Kym gave me free range to photograph her as I pleased. That freedom is always such a gift, as I love to capture the beautiful details that transform the commonplace into something extraordinary and joyful.

      The maternity pictures were shot in Glen Ridge, New Jersey a week before she gave birth. We chose a tree-lined street that showcased the suburban beauty of Glen Ridge, and later, we wandered into the town’s quaint rose garden.

      When baby boy arrived, I was one of the first hospital visitors to meet him. I spent the afternoon admiring this brand new little person, and snapping pictures of his sweet baby hands, toes, and face. Kym was stunning, and I was blown away by her energy and beauty just hours post birth.

      Only hours old – sweet baby boy.

      I love capturing Fresh 48 photos – essentially, photos of a newborn in the hospital within first few days of life – the first moments of getting to know your new baby and capturing the instant love affair and the bond between a parent and a child.