It was a beautiful summer day, neither too hot nor too cool, and the skies were blue yet slightly overcast, perfect for afternoon photos! My cousins and their families (all twenty-two of them!) were gathered for a surprise photo session in honor of my aunt’s 70th birthday.

      Trust me when I say that it’s no easy feat to gather that many people in the middle of vacations and summer fun.

      The original plan was to do a beach session because my aunt loves the beach more than anything, However, that gorgeous sky mentioned above had other plans. Before I could get even one picture taken, it started to downpour. Full. On. Downpour.

      So all twenty-two of my family members and I made a game-time decision to head back to their rustic farm to capture as many sweet moments as possible.

      Lucky for me, Sweden‘s beautiful natural backdrop provided lots of greens, creams, and neutral tones that make these photos feel warm and homey. Despite the rain, the festivities continued with bottles of champagne, fresh strawberries, and toast with gravlax (one of my favorite local foods).

      No wet hair, napkins on heads, or unexpected outfit changes (hello, raincoats!) was going to stop this crew from having the best time ever.

      Cheers to you, Gunilla! Thank you for giving us reason to gather together on a spectacular July day.



      This is so beautiful!! Totally made me miss home.

      Thank you so much Johanna!!! Hoping you have a trip home planned soon. Kram! xo